Tuesday, March 15, 2005


So you wanted to know a little bit more about me or didn't.....Read on

1. Are you gay?

Contrary to popular belief, John Yu is NOT gay. Although I enjoy some artsy films, sappy music and liked only musical I saw(Mamma Mia).

2. No seriously are you gay?

Please refer to answer 1

3. Do you have "Korean girlfriends"?

If by "Korean girlfriends" you mean Korean friends of the opposite sex, then yes.

4. No, not female friends that happen to be "Korean", "Korean Girlfriends"?

Sorry, you have to be more specific. I have had a few(by few I mean not a lot). Not all were Korean btw.

5. How come you don't talk about them? Why so much secrecy?

I just felt like it wasn't worth mentioning. I never lied. I just chose not to talk about something that wasn't all that. If you asked me specific questions about it at the time, I probably would've answered. Although they would have been vague answers. What's the big deal? I just don't like talking about stuff like that. Is this okay with you? Besides, what I really want is a gf that I could introduce and incorporate into team ID. So far none have fit the bill. Not that I'm super hot shit or anything but I know what I like.

6. How come you don't think Jessica Alba is hot? This serves as more evidence that you're gay.

Let's make this very clear. I do not NOT think Jessica Alba is hot. I just don't think of her as a goddess or for that matter among the hottest chicks in Hollywood. Don't get me wrong, if someone like her asked me to have sex, I wouldn't have to think twice about it. However, Jessica Alba is a "standard" looking hot broad. There is nothing special about her. She's hot. There are a million other chicks just like her except not as famous. Big deal. Being hot is more than just looks, it's about how you carry yourself(many many facets to this). Jessica Alba does NOT stand out. She's NOT special.

7. Is Steven Spielberg a good director?

Steven Spielberg is a decent director and a great entertainer. He is not nearly as thought provoking as Kubrick or the technical master that Kurosawa was. He is good in his own way. If you like Steven Spielberg he is good to you.

8. I hate bleeding heart liberals....Are you a bleeding heart liberal?

Yes I am. I would be lying if I said I was the most compassionate person in the world. In fact many people view me as quite "cold". Although everyone is responsible for their own actions, I find it tragic that people turn to "evil deeds". What is a greater tragedy, if you sister were murdered or if your sister was a "murderer"? We are the sum of our actions and not our thoughts, but we are often judged by the worst/best things we have done.

9. Do you believe in God?

Yes I do. Faith is a feeling, NOT a choice, no matter what those fucking Christians try to tell you. Do you choose to love someone? Do you choose who loves you? That's what it is. If you don't feel God's love then how can you believe in him? We ARE the master of our own thoughts because we rationalize and order all things. However, God is not rational. God is not logical. God IS. You either feel God or you don't no matter how much you want to believe. Anything else is simply lying to yourself.

10. Should abortion be legal?

I just don't think it's necessarily right for the following reasons. When does life start for a human being? When are we cognizant? I don't think anyone can answer that question with utmost certainty. There are so many people who can't have children, who will never have children. There are so many people who die at the hands of others. Abortion trivializes life. I can't agree it's right. However, right or wrong I do feel it is in the best interest of our society that it remains legal. It just saddens me that it has to happen.

11. I hate you

That's not a question.

More to come.........

Tuesday, March 01, 2005

More Bitterness from me......

Generally I don't consider myself a bitter guy. However, I've been told many a time that I am. So here are things I am bitter about right now:

1. Lack of ball(yeah that's right, the single most important reason we don't see each other as much. Not to say our friendship is based on it but mathematical equation goes like so......ratio of ball is directly proportional to how much we see each other. No matter what happens, we can never erase all the good times, but out of sight out of mind.....I'm working on it, but I think I have to take a day off so I can arrange a place to play, plus everyone seems to be "so busy" that we don't have "time" for it. I have to find out everyone's schedule so I don't exclude anybody. Can't book off 4 hours a week to see your friends? WTF?)

2. Lack of money(I don't consider myself poor but the fact that I can't seem to increase my savings any more pisses me off. Too many bills and too many deadbeat(s).....btw Chris', Cathy said you were cheap.....hey don't get mad at me........I'm just saying something I heard or made up.......eh it's all the same.)

3. Vince Carter(no explanation needed)

4. No GF....that's right no GF.......explaination to be PPT(rained out)

5. "Co-worker(s)".......I must tolerate my "Co-worker(s)"

6. My knees hurt

Things to be Thankful for

1. Love.....in all it's splendor(God loves me and you and everyone......church propaganda......but I don't go no more)

2. ESPN sports games(for PS2)

3. Shaun Sequeira(I have a new found respect for you. In many ways you are my hero. In many ways I see you doing great things for humanity. And NO I am NOT being sarcastic. I sometimes miss the old Shaun though)

4. Adobe Acrobat(when will they learn?)

5. Seeing old friends that you haven't seen for a while. Like Anthony(His response to this would be: "Well John, I've been around but I haven't seen YOU".......You surrreee haven't)