Friday, November 24, 2006

Haha I suck some more

I couldn't update for more than 2 days straight. Eff this shit........I went to this restaurant on Dixie and Dundas called "Kotalia"(I think). Anyways, it's food comprised of both Korean and Italian food(insert puzzled look here). That's right, obviously the most natural food combination that hasn't been tried yet. It sucked. It sucked ass. It isn't actually a fusion restaurant in which Korean and Italian food was mixed together(as strange as that would be, I would have preferred that). Nope they just make crappy Korean food(subjective) and crappy Italian food(fact...... cuz no one goes to a Korean restaurant to eat good Italian food). Reminds me of the time I went to a Carribean place at the Sherway Gardens food court. I should have known right away by the Chinese people who tried to sell me that shit. I couldn't even understand what the hell they were saying. Now the food wasn't half bad(pause), if you were ordering Chinese food. That shit was just Chinese food packaged as Carribean food. Gimme my money back biatch!!!!!!!!!!! Mental note, I've learned my lesson.............Team ID has started a Wiki site. Awesome. Almost 30 and the antics never end................Christmas shopping is tedious and expensive....................Bought movie "Ninja Scroll". In retrospect(or revisionist history, whichever you prefer), it was a decent movie.................Watched Manny Pacquiao destroy Erik Morales(sick). For some reason the PPV was delayed but we stayed up to watch it. Started at 1:30am and finished at 4:30(can't do this shit no more). Al and Cathy both stayed up the whole time. I was more suprised and impressed by them than Pacquiao. On the flip side, Chin and Shaun couldn't stay up and well I couldn't really see Alison(she was probably turned sideways or something).


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Oh, I could stay up -- just couldn't be bothered. There's a difference...

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