Monday, November 06, 2006

Update more

So I've been told that my blog needs more updating.........Let's see, what did I do yesterday.........Watched football, basketball stayed home. Yeah, my life is pretty pathetic. Colt's/Pat's game was awesome, Raps got beat by a superior team so I can't really be upset..........Saturday was our 10 year high school reunion. It was alright but I pretty much talked to people I see anyways. I want to talk shit about people but unfortunately this page is linked to other people's pages. Went to Seoul Kalbi for dinner and James' mom saw me but didn't recognize me. I think she just didn't want to give me a discount. I don't blame her. She was probably thinking "fuck this guy. He doesn't come here in 10 years and wants a discount. Fuck him and fuck his friends too". Ahhh the profanity. Good thing Karen didn't come. She would not have been impressed. Besides who could ever forget someone as good looking as me. I know that look on your face is that of agreement. I'll try to update everyday because I want to be a blog loser too. Haha. Fuck all you guys. I love you too.


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