Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More useless updatage

As promised here is another useless post. Yesterday, I worked late and then ate Wendy's for dinner. I think it was one of their new burgers. It sucked because I think the meat was undercooked, which is rare to see at a fast food restaurant because of their fear of repercussions. Anyways, I can just imagine some new guy cooking the food with no supervisor there to check if it was cooked properly and all the other Wendy's monkey's not giving a shit. "Hey I just work here". Laugh, I've used that line many a time.........Monday night football's new commentators suck. I miss Al Michaels. Can't get enough of those Black play by play guys who don't have any trace of the black vernacular in their lingo. ie John Saunders, Mike Tirico(is this guy Italian), Bryant Gumbel, Greg Gumbel, Lynn Swann, etc etc.....the game sucked so I flipped thru the other channels and found restaurant makeover(one of the greatest shows on tv). I think it was a season 3 episode cuz I didn't recognize the designer. Where's Cheri Stinson?.......... I got laid 6 hours ago. With whom you ask? "Don't worry, you don't know her"...........the new female host on BT is super hot. In fact she is way too hot for Kevin. It's like they don't really belong together. Either Kevin has to be much better looking or much uglier(like those Italian variety shows). Their chemistry is still off. I miss Liza.


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