Sunday, March 02, 2008

Not Breaking When You're Broken........

Friday I came down with some kind bug. I was not feeling too well in the morning but I've had a good history with my health so I was pretty arrogant about thinking I could pull through the day by taking a few meds(no not with wine....haha mf's). Anyways around 2pm ish I am messed up. And I mean really messed up. Probably never been more messed up in my life. I had to go home. I was shivering, I was dizzy, it was just a total disaster. On my way home, taking the TTC, I was hallucinating probably about to faint(and possibly die if I did), and my brain was thinking weird thoughts because it was probably fried. I also experienced some new sensations that I've never before when I was sick like a strange tingling and numbing throughout my body. I was kinda worried. I got home and I know you're supposed to take a cold bath to bring down the fever but I was freezing so stupidly I took a hot bath(again not thinking properly cuz brain fried). I guess luckily for me with some more meds and crazy blanketage my fever broke.....sorta, well I started getting better anyways. I must say I learned my lesson from this experience(Shaun loves it when people learn their lessons. He's cursing right now "Fucking right you did"). Don't mess with mother nature. Just cuz your immune system is a little better than the average person doesn't mean you're scott free. She'll get you and get and how!!!

Something good did come out of this experience. My mom and my sister hearing of my malady, made me some hot soup and bought some gingerale(apparently there is no imperical evidence to support that gingerale helps with colds and flus. I read it was medical myth. Well it was the thought that counted right?) and brought it to my place. It thawed my cold cold heart a just little(for a few minutes at least). Then I went to being bitter again. Oh well.

You've probably seen the new Jordan ads on TV. "Become Legendary".
I enjoy these ads as I do most Air Jordan commercials. There is a short segment in this ad that features Chris Paul. Chris Paul was a great high school player and a big time collegiate player. Although he was selected 5th(I think) he was projected to go earlier and be the first point guard in the drafted that year. Deron Williams beat him to that those titles and Utah(the team that drafted Deron received much criticism which has somewhat died down because of how good Deron has become). Back to Paul. Paul has been absolutely lights out this season. He is probably on the very short list of about 4 players who deserve to be MVP this year(KG, Kobe, Nash). I remember back in the day hearing the story about how he dropped 61 in high school in memory of his granpa who passed on. Absolutely sick. See what he does at the end.