Friday, November 24, 2006

Haha I suck some more

I couldn't update for more than 2 days straight. Eff this shit........I went to this restaurant on Dixie and Dundas called "Kotalia"(I think). Anyways, it's food comprised of both Korean and Italian food(insert puzzled look here). That's right, obviously the most natural food combination that hasn't been tried yet. It sucked. It sucked ass. It isn't actually a fusion restaurant in which Korean and Italian food was mixed together(as strange as that would be, I would have preferred that). Nope they just make crappy Korean food(subjective) and crappy Italian food(fact...... cuz no one goes to a Korean restaurant to eat good Italian food). Reminds me of the time I went to a Carribean place at the Sherway Gardens food court. I should have known right away by the Chinese people who tried to sell me that shit. I couldn't even understand what the hell they were saying. Now the food wasn't half bad(pause), if you were ordering Chinese food. That shit was just Chinese food packaged as Carribean food. Gimme my money back biatch!!!!!!!!!!! Mental note, I've learned my lesson.............Team ID has started a Wiki site. Awesome. Almost 30 and the antics never end................Christmas shopping is tedious and expensive....................Bought movie "Ninja Scroll". In retrospect(or revisionist history, whichever you prefer), it was a decent movie.................Watched Manny Pacquiao destroy Erik Morales(sick). For some reason the PPV was delayed but we stayed up to watch it. Started at 1:30am and finished at 4:30(can't do this shit no more). Al and Cathy both stayed up the whole time. I was more suprised and impressed by them than Pacquiao. On the flip side, Chin and Shaun couldn't stay up and well I couldn't really see Alison(she was probably turned sideways or something).

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

How much longer can this go on?

Yet another post for my huge fan base. Once again I didn't do anything.............Cleaned the house a little.........Checked Fastbreak and I'm in dead last but I guarantee you I won't end be there by the end of the season. Saw the trailer for "300". It looks awesome. Stem cell reseach, a miracle cure for all diseases or an unethical science? Think about it. My brain hurts so I don't want to.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

More useless updatage

As promised here is another useless post. Yesterday, I worked late and then ate Wendy's for dinner. I think it was one of their new burgers. It sucked because I think the meat was undercooked, which is rare to see at a fast food restaurant because of their fear of repercussions. Anyways, I can just imagine some new guy cooking the food with no supervisor there to check if it was cooked properly and all the other Wendy's monkey's not giving a shit. "Hey I just work here". Laugh, I've used that line many a time.........Monday night football's new commentators suck. I miss Al Michaels. Can't get enough of those Black play by play guys who don't have any trace of the black vernacular in their lingo. ie John Saunders, Mike Tirico(is this guy Italian), Bryant Gumbel, Greg Gumbel, Lynn Swann, etc etc.....the game sucked so I flipped thru the other channels and found restaurant makeover(one of the greatest shows on tv). I think it was a season 3 episode cuz I didn't recognize the designer. Where's Cheri Stinson?.......... I got laid 6 hours ago. With whom you ask? "Don't worry, you don't know her"...........the new female host on BT is super hot. In fact she is way too hot for Kevin. It's like they don't really belong together. Either Kevin has to be much better looking or much uglier(like those Italian variety shows). Their chemistry is still off. I miss Liza.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Update more

So I've been told that my blog needs more updating.........Let's see, what did I do yesterday.........Watched football, basketball stayed home. Yeah, my life is pretty pathetic. Colt's/Pat's game was awesome, Raps got beat by a superior team so I can't really be upset..........Saturday was our 10 year high school reunion. It was alright but I pretty much talked to people I see anyways. I want to talk shit about people but unfortunately this page is linked to other people's pages. Went to Seoul Kalbi for dinner and James' mom saw me but didn't recognize me. I think she just didn't want to give me a discount. I don't blame her. She was probably thinking "fuck this guy. He doesn't come here in 10 years and wants a discount. Fuck him and fuck his friends too". Ahhh the profanity. Good thing Karen didn't come. She would not have been impressed. Besides who could ever forget someone as good looking as me. I know that look on your face is that of agreement. I'll try to update everyday because I want to be a blog loser too. Haha. Fuck all you guys. I love you too.